January 16, 2010

Baby Home Safety

Baby Home Safety is a programmed where parents can create a safe and secure environment for their baby. Using our detailed study on child safety consultations and a complete range of child safety products.
We provide the right information services how to care your baby and how to help to prevent your baby from damages
Also we conduct workshops and seminars on child safety events. We provide a useful forum where parents can come together and share their concerns, and learn more about how to baby safety at home.

Baby Home Safety

Protect your baby from household poisoning

Keep all the things out of their reach that may be poisoning to your baby. Use baby-resistant wrapping to help prevent poisonings with medicines and household chemicals. Each year poison control centers report nearly one million children under the age of five are exposed to potentially poisonous medicines and household chemicals.

Medicines (especially iron pills and food supplements containing iron),old toys, household substances, insect sprays, kerosene, lighter fluid, some furniture polishes, turpentine, points, solvents, and products containing lye and acids are most frequently the cause of accidental poisoning among children.
Never leave a bottle of aspirin or other pills where children can reach it kept back it to a safe place immediately after using.


Keep medicines out of reach - and out of sight - of all children.


Read labels before using any household product and follow the directions carefully. Store these products so that children cannot reach them.

Always check child-resistant wrapping.


never transfer products to a bottle without a child-resistant closure.

Never place kerosene, anti-freeze, paints, or solvents in cups, glasses, milk or soft-drink bottles, or other utensils customarily used for food or drinks.


Discharge contents down drain or toilet, and clean container before discarding. Do not put container with its contents into trash.


Cleaning fluids, detergents, soap powders, insecticides, and other everyday household products should be stored away from food and medications. Death could be the result of a mistaken identity.


Attractive things like pills bottles and containers of all kinds keep away from child. These produce their natural curiosity. If a child is in the crawling stage, arrange to keep household products in places other than below the kitchen sink unless the cabinet is locked or secured with child safety latches.

If the child is walking stage, be sure that bottles and boxes containing medicines or household products are put away before answering the telephone or doorbell or other work.

If he/she is able to climb, find a shelf that is completely beyond his ability to reach, or better yet to lock these products in a cabinet or closet.

After using a product, always re-secure the child resistant finish.

Please note to reduce the risk of poisoning:

  • Always keep household products and medicines out of reach and out of sight of your children, preferably in a locked cabinet or closet. Even if you must leave the room for only an instant, put the container in a safe place.
  • Always turn the light on when giving or taking medicine to be sure you have the right medicine and the correct quantify or count of the dosage.
  • Always store medicines and nutritional supplements (especially iron pills) separately from other household products and keep these stuff in their original containers never use cups or soft-drink bottles.
  • Read the label before using and be sure that all products are properly labeled.
  • Refer to medicines by their proper names. They are not candies.
  • Clean out your medicine cabinet periodically. Get relieve of old medicines by flushing them down the drain or toilet.
  • Always use child resistant household products. Ask for safety packaging for prescription medicines. Re-secure safety feature carefully after using Safety packaging gives extra protection to your children.

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